ADA / Age-in-Place

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Safe, comfortable products help you stay in your home, regardless of age or disability. Contact us today and learn more about upgrades, redesigns and kitchen and bath remodeling.

Bathrooms are heavily used, so consider comfort height toilets, placing sinks at a lower level, wheelchair accessible showers, converting your bath tub to a shower with a bench to sit on, handheld shower heads and levered faucets. If you want to keep your tub, consider a low-profile, front-closure model. You can step in and out easily, without risking a fall.

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Aging in Place or ADA?

Aging in Place products, unlike ADA-compliant products, are not required to meet the size and accessibility standards required for commercial buildings. Aging in place or ADA – whatever your needs, Schwartz Plumbing can meet them.

  • Easy-turn faucets
  • Bathroom grab bars
  • Hand-held showerheads
  • Walk-in showers
  • Comfort Height toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible showers
  • Lower sinks to wheelchair height

ADA Compliant Products

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service!

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service! Call 919-212-2777 today to schedule an estimate or service call. We work hard to find solutions that meet your needs, budget and schedule.