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Do you have an old toilet that drives you crazy? The first generation of low flow toilets installed in the mid-1990’s clog easily. Are yours ready to be switched out for the newer versions that are efficient and effective? Not ready to replace your toilet yet? Schwartz Plumbing fixes anything from broken seats to bad seals, so give them a call if you have leaks, cracks, clogs, hard water stains, or even a broken seat.

When installing a new toilet, think about choosing a Comfort Height toilet. These toilets meet the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The Comfort Height toilets are great for most adults. For those of you who are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, consider planning for the future now.

Do you think it’s hard being green? No worries, we can upgrade your existing toilet to help you save water without any inconvenience. Get the Dual Flush feature added to your toilet, or we can help you choose and install a new toilet that has the Dual Flush capability built in.

Questions? Contact Schwartz Plumbing to learn more about general plumbing fixture repair and installation, a remodeling project, or an ADA assessment.