My mother-in-law says I should put tablets in the toilet tank. She thinks I should have pretty blue water in the toilet. Should I use them?

Not good to use automatic toilet bowl cleaner - the blue tablets

Automatic toilet bowl cleaner – the blue tablets

Yes, there are reasons you should NOT put blue tablets in your toilet tank:

  • The tablets corrode the flush valve. Unless you love replacing the innards of your toilet, leave the tablets out of the tank.
  • The toilet cleaning tablets in the tank can get lodged against the flapper not allowing it to seal closed. This can cause the water to run continually – resulting in wasted water, a tank that is unable to refill, and higher water bills.
  • They are not environmentally-friendly. Many of the products have chlorine for whitening, and the main ingredient for the tablets is a type of anionic surfactants, basically something that will be soapy and clean surfaces.  Surfactants are known to have toxic effects on some aquatic organisms.
  • Can we be honest here? It’s true, people have reported that their dogs drink out of the toilet bowl. For those people with tall, thirsty dogs please refrain from using toilet tablets.
    • Some tablets say that their product will not harm pets or children, but notice the “*
    • Additional information states that this products should be kept away from children and pets.