Client Reviews

Schwartz Plumbing did a really good job for me. They did exactly what they planned and charged exactly what they estimated. I found their repairmen—Pedro, Tommy, and Ross—very friendly and helpful, explaining everything before they did it, repeatedly asking me if I had any questions, and answering lots of questions for me. They really couldn’t have been more helpful. Locally owned and operated, Schwartz is large enough to offer 24×7 emergency service and small enough to give personalized service.

One of my 15 year old tank water heaters started leaking badly. Within a couple of hours after my call, the owner himself, Stuart Schwartz, was at my house, diagnosed the situation, and gave me two repair plans. Stuart was really friendly and low pressure as he explained that at least one and probably both of my tank water heaters needed to be replaced—what other repairmen had also told me. The estimates were for two new tanks or a tankless water heater; Schwartz’s prices were competitive with other estimates.

I chose the tankless because it’s way more energy efficient. That night, they bypassed my bad water heater and drained it before it started leaking any worse, buying me time. Two days later, they removed the tanks and installed a Navien tankless, along with a return line that makes the water run hot 10 seconds after turning on a faucet. It works great and I’m glad Schwartz did a good job. B. Woolf

On April 10, we used your service to correct a difficult plumbing problem in our home — as it developed, a much more difficult plumbing problem than initially suspected. The service provided by your man was amazing. As the complexity of the problem was uncovered, he just quietly kept working to create a solution.

The work involved numerous trips into the crawl space, to a place that is quite difficult to reach. The complexity of the leakage problem required some creative problem solving, which your man undertook in a methodical and logical step-by-step manner — always courteously explaining what was required when asked by me.

After working about 6 hours to solve the problems found, bypassing of damaged drain and supply lines, he once again crawled through a very tight space to double-=heck the repairs, confirming that the repairs were secure.

Accept my gratitude and appreciation for a difficult job, done well, by an outstanding employee of Schwartz Plumbing!

John and Martha Robinson

I love Schwartz b/c their plumbers teach me how to fix things myself every time they come. I am now able to do the annual flush of my tankless water heater myself instead of calling them and clean out the back up in a pipe because my kids still don’t know how to run the disposal properly. They have so much business they don’t need mine if I can do it myself! B. Harris

Another thumbs up for Schwartz. They have done large and small repairs and projects for us over the past two decades — replumbed the whole house a few years ago. We had looked into having it done a few years before that because of the age of the pipes; they said we could wait. I mention this as an example of their honesty, as we would not have known one way or the other. Work done well and promptly, accurate estimates and a fair price, polite workers, everything cleaned up. A. Atkin

Best plumber in the area! Their workers are friendly and cooperative, and perform quality work on our plumbing system. Their prices are very affordable. They are a nice local company who I swear by. The owner is nice and funny, just like the rest of their employees. I strongly recommend Schwartz Co! M.G.

Raleigh, NC

I just want to let you know we are very satisfied with our new water heater, and want to comment on your employee. Very seldom does one see such a polite, clean and thorough young person. He began taking out the old tank around 8 pm and did not stop until he made sure we would have hot water the next morning. Before leaving he picked up and left our garage absolutely clean. You have a very good person working for you and I am very happy I decided to call you for this repair. Dorothy Leiderman

Wake Forest, NC

Hot water heater in attic malfunctioned causing flood in attic that damaged hardwoods, carpets and ceilings.We made an emergency call to Schwartz Plumbing. They arrived in less than an hour. Shut off valve didn’t work and water supply to the house had to be shut off. Our insurance adjuster’s main concern, “Was immediate action taken to prevent further water damage to the property?” Yes, thanks to the promptness and efficiency of Schwartz Plumbing. They even worked in harmony with a restoration crew we had hired and a new water heater was up and running in a matter of hours. At the insurance company’s request, Schwartz Plumbing broke down charges on an invoice making it straightforward for the adjuster. Time is of the essence when dealing with your insurance company. Explain your situation and Schwartz works with you. Patricia C.

I just wanted to send a message to let you all know what an asset your employees are. Adan and Will were a pleasure to work with. They were punctual, courteous, friendly, honest, committed, and incredibly hard-working. The job at our house was not a pleasant or easy one as you probably know. An old house, small lot sizes, and old-growth trees presented some serious challenges. These two faced them all head on with a positive attitude to boot. They kept us informed every step of the way without being intrusive, and made sure that disruptions were kept to a minimum. Your company is fortunate to have these two gentlemen on staff. Jennifer & Brian Marks

Raleigh, NC

On site estimate by [technician] – friendly and knowledgeable. Original phone estimate also great service–knowledgeable and emailed quote very professional and complete, stood out from others. Installation by Alex was a five-star; experienced craftsman, attended to every detail, clean and friendly, answered all questions and gave clear instructions for operations and maintenance. Great rep for Schwartz. Amy B.

Wake Forest, NC

I always use your company for my plumbing needs and Kevin has actually been to my house before. My service experience today was simply incredible. Kevin confirmed my suspicions about the existing water heater and pointed out other issues that he felt strongly needed to be corrected.  Once he went to work, he completed the task quickly, efficiently and professionally. He was also wonderfully friendly and I felt like I was part of the repair process which is extremely important to me. I simply can’t say enough good things about Kevin and how he represented your company. I value Schwartz Plumbing and will continue to promote you as my trusted plumbing expert. Erick Keil

Raleigh, NC

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service!

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service! Call 919-212-2777 today to schedule an estimate or service call. We work hard to find solutions that meet your needs, budget and schedule.