Raleigh plumber get hot water to your tap - fast using recirculation pumpRecirculation Pumps Work with Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

A Low Cost Solution to End Frustration and Waste

Recirculation pumps are used with both tank and tankless water heaters. Some tankless water heaters, like the Navien Tankless Water Heater, have an internal recirculation pump. Recirculation pumps turn your present plumbing system into a recirculating loop so you never have to wait for hot water.

How does it work? Typically, water is pumped from the water heater through the pipes to the taps in your sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. When the tap is shut off, water remaining in the pipes cools down. The next time you turn on the tap you generally have to wait for the cool water to flush out of the tap before the warm water from your water heater reaches the tap.

By attaching a recirculating pump to the hot water outlet of the water heater, the water in the pipes is always hot! You no longer need to send cold water down the drain while waiting for warm water. You may be surprised to know that usually two to three gallons of water is wasted every time you let the tap or shower run while you wait for the hot reach the tap. Water conservation is an important issue and recirculation pumps offer a low cost solution that you can use today with your current water heater.

Recirculation pumps can be activated by a thermosensor and controlled by the user with the built-in mechanical timer. The timer can be programmed for hourly use or run continuously.

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