Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance

Sewer Line Unclogging, Cleaning, Repair & Inspection

Video Inspection to Find the Root of the Problem

The Benefits of Hydro-Jet Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspection

Schwartz-Plumbing-Co---GREEN---VECTOR Environmentally Safe – no chemicals

  • 60 day warranty
  • Economical price
  • Sewer line is completely cleaned
  • Video camera inspection ensures the cause of clog is identified
Raleigh - Sewer and drain cleaning using wetter jetting for the superior cleaning

Information & Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Lines

Why do sewer lines get clogged?

Most sewer lines run for years without clogs. Overtime the inside of sewer pipes accumulates debris like grease, hair, soap, and other solids. When a sewer line becomes clogged with debris, it is often because there is an underlying cause — a tree root may have cracked the pipe or debris has built up inside the pipe reducing the area through which waste should be able to flow freely. Hydro-Jetting machine used by Schwartz Plumbing shoots pressurized water through the sewer line to quickly and effectively clear clogs and remove any accumulated debris or growth in the pipes.

What are the signs that a sewer line may be starting to clog?

Yes, there are some common signs that indicate that a sewer or septic line are beginning to clog or are damaged:

  • Toilets, sinks, and showers may begin to drain more slowly
  • Faucets and showers may begin to lose pressure
  • Toilet begin to clog or overflow more frequently and are more difficult to fix with a plunger
  • Outside your home you may notice a the smell of sewerage
  • Your lawn has wet spots that don’t seem to dry

Does my sewer REALLY need to be cleaned, or is it fine just to fix the clog?

Sewer line cleaning is often needed due to years of accumulated grease, soap or sludge.  Specific blockages on top of those old accumulations are especially hard to clear using conventional methods.  For example, rotary snaking equipment just punches a hole through a clog. 

When a sewer line is unclogged, the refuse will flow again. Unfortunately, without a full cleaning and inspection you don’t know if you sewer line is damaged. Almost half of the clogs are caused by other problems. When other problems, beyond a simple clog, cause a clog then the sewer line is likely to become blocked again over the following few months.

There are relatively new methods and tool to allow property owners to avoid this situation.

  • Water jetting
  • Video camera Inspection

Water Jetting and Video Camera Inspection

Schwartz Plumbing’s water jetting service removes the blockage and also disintegrates and blasts away all the debris for a more complete and long lasting solution. Plus, we don’t just remove the blockage, we clean the entire sewer line. Once the sewer line is clean and clear we send our video camera down to be sure the cause of the clog has been eliminated and that the pipes are not cracked or damaged. When we give your sewer a clean bill of health we include a 60 day warranty against clogs.