Water Lines

Increase Water Pressure Quickly & Affordably  

WATER LINES bring the clean water into your home. There are a few things you can do on your own to mitigate some problems, but you’ll likely want to contact a professional plumber to ensure the issue is adequately addressed.

Why You’ll Love Grundfos Water Booster Pumps

  • All-in-one compact unit
  • Low noise – as quiet as a modern dishwasher
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Easy to install

WHY Shower Lovers Love DAB’s Water Pressurization System.

  • Increase pressure to 75psi
  • High Resolution LED Display
  • Save Money
  • Compact Easy to Install Design

Frequently Asked Questions
About Water Lines

What causes low water pressure in a sink or shower?

If the problem involves only one sink or shower, clogged or dirty aerators – the screen on the faucet where water flows out – are often the culprit. You can unscrew, clean and replace them. Still having problems? It could be a faucet valve or a leaky pipe.

What causes low water pressure in entire houses or buildings?

There are four main causes for low water pressure:

  • Corroded, clogged or leaking water pipes
  • Incoming pressure from the city
  • Home valves
  • Malfunctioning pressure regulator
When should you call a professional plumber?

Unless you can fix the aerator or shower head, consult a professional plumber to diagnose the problem. Replacing pipes and valves requires professional expertise. If the problem is low pressure from the city, Schwartz Plumbing installs water booster pumps that ensure perfect water pressure in every room of the house. Even upstairs or when other water using devices like showers, dishwashers and garden hoses.

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service!

Schwartz Plumbing offers 24-7 emergency service! Call 919-212-2777 today to schedule an estimate or service call. We work hard to find solutions that meet your needs, budget and schedule.